Ural State University of Railway Transport

Личный кабинет студента
и преподавателя

Mission, goals, tasks

Our mission is the USURT integration into the world educational and scientific area considering the university regional and branch peculiarities (to promote the integration of university education and science into the world academic system, the expansion of international contacts in order to prepare qualified specialists, to stimulate scientific research and the growth of scientific and academic professional community of the University).

Our tasks are:

  • to help foreign and Russian students to improve their education (language courses, professional courses, studies abroad, undergraduate and postgraduate programs abroad, etc);
  • to extend different international contacts;
  • to organize students and probationers exchange programs with foreign universities and research centers;
  • to organize foreign business trips for teachers, research assistants and students for scientific effort;
  • to inform, to advertise, to go between foreign and Russian people and organizations which are at their scientific effort;
  • to organize all business activities that university has with foreign partners.

Future goals:

  • to enroll foreign students to study at USURT and to provide them a probation period at different Urals enterprises;
  • to organize a distance (on-line) learning at foreign universities;
  • to create an international youth center in USURT;
  • to organize summer language courses for students and post-graduates;
  • to work in close cooperation with intergovernmental organizations (DAAD, British Council; Fulbright; IREX, TEMPUS; UNESCO) and regional organizations;
  • to organize exchange programs with students, post-graduates, teachers, research assistants;
  • to take part in conferences and seminars on education leading by international organizations, funds and programs.