Ural State University of Railway Transport

Личный кабинет студента
и преподавателя

Rector's welcome

You have an important stage in your life. The future profession, career depend on your choice of University. For somebody who wants to receive quality education, active social life, opportunities to develop yourself in science and also to be sure of official job placement after graduation, the right University is the Ural State University of Railway Transport (USURT), the only transport university in Sverdlovsk region.

USURT today is the place to develop yourself in education and science: 6 branches, 6 faculties, the most popular specialties and training directions, international students' organizations. There are great facilities and equipment, research laboratories, computer labs, a modern sport complex. There are also more than 20 teams that win the local and federal competitions.

USURT provides training that helps many students to make a career in different fields of transport, industry and achieve great results.

Our postgraduates' achievements prove that USURT is one of the best Universities in Russia. We appreciate all our entrants, students and postgraduates. If you join us, you will make the right choice.

With USURT to success!


Rector of the USURT
Alexander G. Galkin,