Conditions of publication

Conditions of
articles publication in the journal «Herald of USURT»

An author providing an article for publication in the journal thus expresses consent to publish the full text on the official websites of Scientific electronic library (, «Herald of USURT» ( ) and in the Internet.

 1. General requirements to publications

Scientific article. In an introductory part there must be justified relevance and theme development expediency (scientific problems or goals). In the main body of an article by information analysis and synthesis it is necessary to develop research problems, ways of solution, possible results justification, their reliability.  In the final part it is necessary to summarize the results, draw the conclusions, recommendations and indicate the possible directions of future researches.

Survey article. In the survey there should be analyzed, compared the most important and perspective directions of science and practice development, its separate kinds of activity, notions and events. The text should have a problem, show different views on scientific and practical knowledge development; contain summarized data, analysis, synthetics, conclusions.

Review of a monograph There is given the analysis, critical analysis, estimation of a monograph. Review title can be changed by bibliographical description of a reviewed paper. Bibliographical description is designed according to State Standard 7.0.5–2008.

2.  Author’s paper publishing design.

Title should be short and reflect paper content.

         Annotation is designed according to GOST 7.9–95, GOST Ð 7.04, GOST 7.5. Volume is about 500 typed symbols (8–12 lines).  Annotation contains characteristic of a manuscript main theme, problems of research object, paper goals and its results. It reveals the relevance, development level, object, subject, theoretically-methodological and practical theme significance. In the text of annotation it is required to use standard terminology and also significant words from a paper for automate search support. Difficult sentences should be avoided. Shortenings and reference designations except generally accepted in scientific texts are used in exceptional cases.

Key words are chosen from the text (except editorials, reports, report points, scientific reports, letters to editorial board) and are placed in separate line after an annotation. 

Note. In case of further paper publication in other editions an author has to make a reference to publication in the journal «Herald of USURT».

Volume of author’s original paper should not exceed 15 typed (computer) pages of the format À4 (including pictures); font (all the text, including pictures and tables) – type Times, font size – 14, line spacing – 1,5, paragraph indent  – 1,25 (1,27) cm, margins – 2 cm; hyphenation - automatic.

Set of formulae: simple formulae and combinations of symbols (x2 < y2; E = mc2; a2 + b2 = c2; Qi – 1; yj) – only in text mode, complex                 ( or )

– only in formulae editor «Equation Editor» (included in Word-2003 è Word-2007).

Letters shape:  Russian (à, á, â, À, Á, Â), Greek (Q, S, U, Y,a, b, d, e, l, p, and also figures and functions (1, 2, 3; I, II, III; max, lg, sin etc.) are written straight; Latin (a, b, n, A, B, N etc.) – in italics. Exception – italics in secondary text (words «Table» and «Pictures», notes in pictures and references in text to these footnotes).

Article design:

– left upper margin – initials, surname;

title – all the letters are capital, bold, title should be centered;

Tables and pictures design: in tables font size – 1.5 or 2 smaller than in the  body text (11,5–12), text location in tables  «heading»  – centered, in columns justified; line spacing – 1; word «Òable» – in italics, in table right corner; table title – standard type face (straight), location – centered. In pictures (graphs, charts): caption size – 14, location-centered, the word «Pict.» – in italics, picture title – standard type face, picture description (explication) – standard type face, reference designations – in italics, plain text – standard. Tables and pictures location – only after a reference on them.

Besides pictures must be attached to a paper (one picture – one file; format – *.*jpg).

References to literature in the text are written in square brackets ([1], [1, 2] or [3–5]); continuous numbering. The list of bibliography/ sources is made according to GOST 7.0.5–2008.

In the end of the article it is necessary to put the date of paper sending to editorial office.

Title of article’s file: Surname. First word of a title. Ellipsis. Last word of a title (Sidorov. Synthesis…electric drive).

To a paper (article) should be attached (in separate files):

– UDC, information about an author, annotation, key words (title of a file: UDC 000. Sidorov. Synthesis…electric drive);

– license contract.

Papers for next issue of the journal «Herald of USURT» are accepted until 30 of quarter last month preceding journal publishing (30-th March, until 30-th June, until 30-th September, until 30-th December). Papers received after 30-th can be published only in next editions.

Articles sent to editorial office without fulfilled requirements of the following publishing requirements are not considered.


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